Friday, October 9, 2009

Raod Trip Day 2

Today we were on a mission...find quilting stores AND scrapbook stores.
Sounds simple enough right? We did good on finding 3...count them...3 quilt shops.
I did look on line for scrap stores as well and there were 2 in La Crosse.
Thats what the web said...The first address we get to is a house!!! No scrap
store....a house! I was sad. Then the next address was...a lumber yard!!! Sadness!!
What is up with this. How come quilt stores are found but not scrap stores!!!
Oh well, the trip heading north was beautiful.
We are in Hudson WI and don't know where we will go next.


Anonymous said...

Oh now THAT was a bummer girl!!!! ;(

Anonymous said...

Sometimes the "quest" is as much fun as the "conquest". Maybe you will find something today! Enjoy your trip....shirley n.

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