Saturday, August 22, 2009

I belong to a great Yahoo group called ART Haven Creations_Friendships.

(Here is the link:

It is I think, the best group out there for talent, creativity and most of all friendship.
Penny Duncan is the owner of this fine group. She is so talented. Her work is beautiful and her friendship is to be cherished!
She made a card a while back that I used for inspiration for the wedding card I made for my brother. The credit all goes to Penny...sooo...Penny, Thank You!!
Here is the card.


Dawn said...

Beautiful card!!!
Way to go on your very own blog!

Wanda said...

Oh Dorothy your card is just lovely and elegant. Love your new blog also!!


Deloris said...

Dorothy...What a beautiful Wedding card....I love it...thanks for sharing...Deloris from Art Haven

Anonymous said...

This is beautiful Dorothy...a wonderful piece of art...I also added your blog to my bloglist so I can keep up with you.

Gloria said...

Wow Great job Dorothy....We all learn from Penny don't we.

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