Thursday, September 24, 2009

An Update...Finally

I recently joined a "Meet Up" group here in Milwaukee. We are doing a "Round Robin"
on Books of Art. We were to select a book and a theme then we were to do the first page in the book. At the meeting on Tuesday we traded books and we are to add to someone else's book.
My book is an 8x8 and my theme is "Blue". Here is what I made.
Just a simple pocket page with a card to go along with it.

I have never done a "round Robin" before. I am excited to see what everyone else will add to my book!

I went scrapping all day on Saturday the 19th! Had a blast as usual. This is some of what I accomplished.

On Monday the 14th my good friend Toni came over and we scrapped.Too fun!!
I was able to get more of my cd calendars done. I only have Oct, Nov and Dec to go. I am making 5 of them.
I am trying to get as much done as possilbe for an art fair in November but work keeps getting in my way!

Enjoy and do comment!


Diann said...

I've so enjoyed your blog update!
You are lucky to have so many fun things going - I love altered books and hope you will enjoy your exchange. Your cards just look lovely and I'm so impressed with your calendars for Christmas! Diann

Anonymous said...

WOW girl.....You HAVE been having some fun!!! ALL your creations are GORGEOUS!!!! The haunted house almost looks like there's lights on in the house the way it's angled and the glare on the metallic cardstock....TOO cool!!!!

Angie Hall Haviland said...

OH WOW Dorothy!! Lots of FABULOUS new cards!! Must say I LOVE LOVE LOVE the coffee one :O)

Carol's Crafts said...

Dorothy, I love all your new art work. Isn't it great to be able to get with friends and share your common love of art.


Anonymous said...

Dorothy, you have been busy! Thanks for sharing your work here on your blog. I also love the calendars. Round Robins are always to see what others add to your work...

Wanda said...

Dorothy I just love your artwork and it looks like you and your friend had a blast!!

Diedra said...

Nice update and as always you rock with your card designs!

Judee said...

Dorothy, I enjoyed looking at your blog....lots of beautiful things. I will look forward to the updates on your book...what a fun thing to be a part of.
Hugs, Judee

Anonymous said...

Dorothy, you have got to teach me how to make the pocket page. I've never done one before, and I just love yours!


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